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10 July

Assassin 6 back made it to Korea and is hard at work

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10 April 2001
Joe Smith reporting

Today in what many military experts are saying is a major victory for NATO, the Advance Guard of the 60th Motorized Guards Division was destroyed as it moved to regain contact with NATO forces. Although the total losses are still unclear, many are suspecting that upwards of a reinforced battalion was destroyed, which equates to approximately 50 tanks and personnel carriers. In addition, all supporting artillery and ADA are suspected destroyed. What is unusual about the report is that NATO was unaware of the action until asked this morning during the daily briefing conducted for reporters. This incident is again causing speculation about the so called Shadow Warrior unit. Very little is known about the unit except that many extraordinary victories have been attributed to it, even though NATO does not acknowledge its existence. One thing is certain, the Soviets have been repeatedly shown that something lurks in the shadows which brings death and destruction to their forces. 

Shadow Warrior Mission

Shadow Warriors will provide a mature and cheat free gaming experience for online players of Operation Flashpoint, in order to (IOT) become one of the top ten teams within the leagues we belong.

Shadow Warrior Profile

The Shadow Warriors are organized as an Infantry Platoon with two squads. Each squad is lead by a lieutenant, with Non-commissioned officers to support them. The squads within the Shadow Warriors are also manned with specialists in Aviation, Armor, and Special Operation Forces (SOF). The squads are comprised of specialties, for the Infantry they are rifleman, machine gunner, medic to name a few. Each Warrior is expected to be an expert with their M16. Why you might ask, well we are Infantrymen first. When the pilot gets shot down, he is now Infantry and needs to be counted on to execute with perfection. When the tank gets destroyed guess what, that's right he is Infantry. To find out more check out the Organization.


A Shadow Warrior introduces the enemy to DEATH.

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