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The specialties listed below encompass all games we play (Operation Flashpoint, America's Army, and Raven Shield).  If you are joining to play either America's Army or Raven Shield you will join as an Infantryman.  If you wish you may specialize in a weapon listed under the Infantry Branch.  If one is not chosen you will be assigned as a rifleman.  


     The Infantry is the core unit of the Company.  Although not the most powerful based on fire power they have the capability to cause the most destruction.  An enemy tank should fear the Infantry as much as they do another Armored vehicle.  It is easy for that enemy tank to acquire and engage a large vehicle but it is very hard to identify that anti-tank solder in the bushes that can get the flank shot or rear shot.  Warriors who serve in the Infantry should be proficient at their chosen specialty as well as dismounted tactics.  They should be prepared to work as a team, there are no individuals in the Warriors everyone strives to complete the mission.  

               Squad Automatic Weapon provides suppressive fire fro rifleman
               Rifleman the basic element of the squad
               Sniper recon element for the squad (one shot one kill)


     The Armor specialists brings the most destructive firepower to the battlefield in the form of the M1A1 MBT and to a lesser degree the M60A3.  Priority targets for Armor units are tanks, BMPs, ADA, and other lightly skinned vehicles.  Any vehicle killing system is the responsibility of the Armor to destroy if possible.  These priorities change fro mission to mission based on the expected threat.  If an Air Assault mission is taking place ADA may be considered the priority targets as an example.  Once again the Warriors work as a team so the Armor should not operate alone, because the best unit to deal with enemy Infantry is our Infantry.  If the tanks takes for granted his weakness he will find himself walking and fighting with the Infantry.


     The Aviation specialists is responsible for providing mobility to the Infantry as well as an Armored vehicle killing capability.  Warriors should be proficient in both air platforms, they should also understand how to employ nap of the earth (NOE) movement.  The UH60  pilot should be able to get into the tightest spots to execute insertions and extractions.  Coming in low and fast to get us into the battle or out when needed.  The UH60 pilot in some instances will be used to insert SOF team members.  If the insertion is detected because of pilot error then the mission of the SOF will not succeed.  The AH1 pilot needs to understand how to use the terrain to mask his movement in order to (IOT) get into position to destroy enemy vehicles.  An example would be the use of hills to hide by hovering and then raising to shoot based on Intel reports or guidance of other Warriors.  Again this shows the importance of the team work because while he is hiding he can't see the position of the enemy and his fate will rest in the hands of the unit providing the Intel.  


     The SOF specialists conducts all covert operations for the Warriors.  As a result patience is an important attribute of any candidate.  Insertion through infiltration is a time consuming effort so patience is the key to success.  SOF personnel should also be able to get info without being seen, and passing that info to the CDR to help him make decisions on how to conduct the mission.  The first mission of SOF is Intel and then engagements.  SOF Warriors will operate in 4-6 man teams, independently of the rest of the company.  However when action is initiated the SOF Warriors need to be in position to support the conventional forces.